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We are a boutique sized company where people and relationships are important above all. He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata. It’s all about the people.

Being locally owned employing local people, all the profits generated stay in our community. Established in 1996, it’s a kiwi owned and operated company with a razor sharp focus to bring world-leading brands and appliances into the New Zealand marketplace. Our mission is to deliver appliances for living with the highest level of customer services, technical support and professionalism.

Eurotech brand is our brand, designed by kiwis for kiwis. It now has the ability to supply all the whiteware appliances in a single dwelling under the same unified brand name. Eurotech products are also gaining momentum through its niche product offerings, such as double and single dishwasher cabinets, as well as refrigeration for those tricky cabinetry sizes. This is made possible through a superior procurement process, with primary and backup suppliers for any category of products. With strong supplier relationships, Eurotech products are receiving the same level of quality control, due diligence and care as some of the other global brands, allowing us to deliver a solution that offers value to the clients. Constant research and development let us stay on trend and assess any opportunities that could add value to our clients. Our customer services team have a supportive attitude towards warranties that focuses on finding solutions that are customer-first.

We want to be a socially responsible corporate citizen, aiming to deliver value while minimising our footprint. We engage with our suppliers on the use of more environmentally friendly chemicals, while encouraging them to meet a certain standards for their workers’ social welfare. Most of our products are being packaged in cardboard boxes, which are bio-degradable and recyclable. In practical terms we hold spare parts, and where possible would like to repair and fix, before offering a replacement, thereby reducing the wastage going into landfills.

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