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Eurotech Design was established in 1996 with a focus on bringing world leading brands and their appliances to Aotearoa’s marketplace and has grown significantly by building long term relationships with our retail partners and those in the commercial sector.

We find pride in saying that our company is Kiwi family owned and employs local people with all profits staying right here in Aotearoa within the communities.

We are a proud talented team of people working together to achieve the Eurotech Design mission of delivering world class customer experience and exceptional value through our brands to all customers.

We want to be a socially responsible company, aiming to deliver exceptional value while minimising our carbon footprint on earth. We engage with our suppliers on the use of more environmentally friendly chemicals, while encouraging them to meet higher standards for their workers’ social welfare.

Most of our products are being packaged in cardboard boxes, which are bio-degradable and recyclable.

In practical terms, we hold spare parts and where possible would like to repair any products before offering a replacement thereby reducing the wastage going into landfills.

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