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Eurotech: Kiwi-designed, world-approved!We noticed something missing in the market—a sweet spot between value and quality. So, we took a dollop of Kiwi ingenuity and whipped up a range that has everything from whiteware to cookware.E…read more

Inspired by the All Blacks' 2023 Rugby World Cup jersey, designed by the innovative Fey The Wolf, Eurotech brings you Wolf Ovens that seamlessly blend tradition and innovation.With us, the game isn't just on the field, it’s in your kit…read more

Who said weekends are for takeouts?Get fired up with our smoky, sizzling grilled chicken wings recipe! Whether you like 'em spicy, tangy, or sweet, there's a wing flavour waiting to make your weekend fly.Swipe for a recipe that promi…read more

Every Eurotech product arrives wrapped in promise and principle.Our packaging is not just about protection; it’s an eco-statement. Biodegradable and recyclable materials reflect our commitment to a world where luxury and eco-consciou…read more

Stocking up for the next BBQ or simply can't resist a bulk-buy sale?Say hello to the ED-VF183WH2! From juicy steaks to ice cream tubs, this freezer's got room for all your essentials and guilty pleasures.And with features like super …read more

You've got the All Blacks jersey by Fey The Wolf, now what about the Wolf in your kitchen? Eurotech offers Wolf Ovens that are ready to transform your culinary game. After all, every kitchen deserves a leader of the pack. Uncover the innov…read more

Every host knows the dance - darting to the kitchen, fetching refreshments, and making sure no glass goes empty.But what if the party never paused?Introducing the Eurotech 64 Litre Bar Freezer (ED-BFR65WH) and its perfect partner, the…read more

Sophia, Managing Director of Eurotech, joined an elite delegation on a transformative trip to South China's Hainan province. The visit culminated in the China (Hainan) - New Zealand Economic and Trade Exchange Meeting, where bright m…read more

Opportunities like this don't come often. We're making room for the new, and that means you can get your hands on our excellent Wolf Ovens from last season at an exceptional price.Outstanding performance meets remarkable value. Contact…read more

Adventure and opportunity beckon as Eurotech's Managing Director, Sophia Bristow, touches down in China amidst an atmosphere of change and potential.As part of a New Zealand trade delegation, we're not just exploring new horizons but…read more

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