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There are considerable energy and time savings to be made, since you only use the necessary spacewith a reduced preheating time: the S3 Big Capacity oven reaches 200C degree in just 4 minutes, as against 10 minutes for a classic oven, and the heat is immediately diffused uniformly.


With the Big Capacity oven, you can now cook 4 levels. The divider also offers the possibility of seperating the oven into two distinct cavities - very useful when you have to prepare several dishes. The two cavities are actually different sizes (20 litres and 40 litres) and offer various cooking programs.


An ideal oven for a cooking process that's both healthy and nutritionally complete at the same time, since it does not alter the molecular structure of food, meaning that it keeps its colour, flavours and aromas.Another advantage is that it gives the ideal combination of humidity and hot air, to keep meat tender and fish nice and soft. Its high humidity rage will prevent your white meat and game from drying out. By carrying out the appropriate adjustments, you will obtain the optimum conditions for preparing any type of dish.


Among its many advantages, this oven is supplied with a pyrolytic self-cleaning system, which burns off all the residues of dirt and grease that have deposited on the interior walls. This model has 11 Automatic cooking functions and 17 Universal cooking functions.


The technological solution for making coffee to wake up the five senses. With the new Scholtes coffee machine,you can sample a great quality coffee, made just as you like. It offers you the possibility to adjust the grinding level, keeps the pressure and the flow constant, and has a touch-sensitive, precision control panel, so that you can obtain an espresso-type, normal-strength or a more diluted coffee simple by programming the amount of coffee for each cup. You can, of course, also heat water for making tea or other drinks. The coffee machine also has an automatic cleaning and descaling program.


The pleasure of a good wine, sampled always at the right temperature and perfectly aged in the Scholtes wine cellar. Compact and multi-purpose, it can hold up to 24 bottles in only 45 cm of apace and always guarantees ideal conditions for storing wine: the right temperature, the absence of vibration, humidity-level, air circulation and darkness. With its electronic thermostat, the temperature remains constant, the humidity level is guaranteed by an anticondensation system and an insulating air chamber and the ventilation is optimized for all types of wine, while a high-performance anti-vibration system ensures it remains stable. Its dark cavity and perfect insulation keep it protected from the light.