Whirlpool CrispFry 25 Litre Microwave


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  • CrispFry function combines Crisp (browning dishes both on the top and bottom) and Forced Air to allow healthy, crunchy frying with no added oil.
  • Crisp function is designed to perfectly golden brown the top and bottom of your favourite dishes. With the combination of microwave and grill functionality, the right temperature is rapidly reached so the crisping can begin.
  • A revolutionary system that delivers even heat circulation using fully 3-dimensional microwave distribution. This means your food is always cooked evenly and thoroughly.
  • An innovative technology that defrosts 7 times faster than a conventional microwave oven. This feature directly microwaves the water molecules inside the food and evenly defrosts from the inside.
  • The automatic cleaning cycle will help you to clean the microwave oven cavity and remove unpleasant odors.

This CrispFry 25 Litre Microwave oven is a 800W microwave, 900W Grill and converts to a steamer with the help of included steamer accessories. This model includes Whirlpool’s Auto Clean.

Dimensions: W 520mm x H 301mm x D 494mm

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