Eurotech 60cm Gas Freestanding Cooker


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With a large oven capacity and coming in your standard 60cm size this Eurotech cooker is great for any kitchen, it is a full gas cooker that is adaptable to LPG or natural gas so you have the versatility of connecting what's available to you. A bach, sleep out or rental you'll be safe knowing that you can cook up a storm and have a cooker that can handle it.

  • With a 60-litre capacity, you'll have ample space for cooking those Masterchef meals.
  • 5 cooking functions to suit your cooking style.
  • The digital timer will let you set and never forget what you have cooking.
  • A triple-layered glass door allows for a safer environment by keeping it cool to the touch when the oven is use.
  • Cooking with the gas cooktop is a breeze, with 4 zones you'll be able to have multiple pots and pans on the go.
  • LPG is fitted or adaptable for natural gas so this is suited to fit in any kitchen.

Manufacturer Warranty: 5 years

Dimensions: H 900mm x W 598mm x D 580mm

Product unavailable for online orders.

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