MWCF25BK Whirlpool 25L Crisp & Grill Microwave






Whirlpool CrispFry Technology
The exclusive CrispFry function combines Crisp (browning dishes both on the top and bottom) and Forced Air to allow healthy, crunchy frying with no added oil.

Crisp Technology
The exclusive Crisp function is designed to perfectly golden brown the top and bottom of your favourite dishes. With the combination of microwave and grill functionality, the right temperature is rapidly reached so the crisping can begin.

3D Microwave Distribution System
A revolutionary system that delivers even heat circulation using fully 3-dimensional microwave distribution. This means your food is always cooked evenly and thoroughly.

Jet Menu Defrost
An innovative technology that defrosts 7 times faster than a conventional microwave oven. This feature directly microwaves the water molecules inside the food and evenly defrosts from the inside.

Quartz Grill
Fast and efficient, the quartz grill uses less energy, but heats up faster (in 60 seconds), preparing food 3 times faster than a traditional infrared grill.
The grill can burn away food residue and dirt, making it self-cleaning and easy to wipe down if needed.

A light and healthy cooking solution for delicious dishes while preserving nutritional values.

Forced Air (Air frying)
This convection microwave generates powerful airflow delivering even cooking results that can be compared to a traditional oven.

Chef Menu
A range of pre-set recipes to save time with perfect results
Pre-programmed settings for rapid preparation of recipes and frozen readymade food. Easy input of food type and weight, to activate the pre-set ideal settings needed to prepare your food to perfection.

Auto Clean
This automatic cleaning cycle will help you to clean the microwave oven cavity and remove unpleasant odors.


Finish: Black
LCD Display
Features: Crisp fry, Chef menu, Crisp, Quartz grill,
3D distribution, Steam, Air fryer, Bread defrost
Cavity type: Enamel, auto clean
Turntable: 280mm
Microwave Power: 800w
Grill Power: 900w
Supplied Accessories: Crisp tray, crisp handle, grill stands, steamer bowl
Power: 10 amp plug


Manufacturer Warranty: 24 months

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