A classic look with a modern flavour

With such a long history in craftsmanship and design, it’s little wonder that Steel appliances come to the forefront of the market, dating back to 1922 in Italy where originally it all began with wood-burning stoves crafted by hand to now where not much has changed apart from a few manufacturing processes.

Still handcrafted in Italy, Steel products build quality is second to none and on top of it many of them are customisable so you can have a colour palette to suit your own kitchen, colour options can even go right down to knobs on the cooktop or handle on the oven door.

Steel freestanding cookers are designed for simplicity but offer the ultimate power and performance, you’ll be able to host dinner parties of any size and still have more room to cook. Available in gas or induction cooktop variants so there’s an option for every need. The stand out is Steel’s Combi-Steam technology which uses the combination of regular oven heating with the added use of steam to help to retain the nutrition level of the food as well as make it juicier from inside and crispy on the outside.

Like a fine wine Steel have improved on their product line over the years and branched out from their standout freestanding cookers to allow you to customise your kitchen with products to your style of interior or cooking, built-in wall ovens, gas cooktops, range hoods, and refrigerators are all on the cards.

At Eurotech Design we’re proud of the beautiful products from Steel we’re able to bring into our customer's lives and we can’t wait to see the future innovation that Steel has in the works.

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